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Romantic Venice at Piazza San Marco, Italy

Romance Piazza San Marco

We spend all day exploring this unique town, no matter which way we go, there is always something new around every corner. Although it is still way out of season, the crowds are almost too much for us to handlle and does not quite fit the preconceived image of romance Piazza San Marco!

We thought about taking a Gondola trip, because we thought it has to be done once – especially in Venice, but after seeing the traffic and then the price for the Gondola ride (they proudly take a minimum of in Euros!) we decided to back up from that plan. But we still got our romantic part, after sunset the crowds usually leave and it seems like Venice falls back into a small town with great street restaurants and the famous cafes (i.e. Florians).

Blue Hour to photograph the Piazza San Marco

We stayed out very late waiting for the “blue hour” to photograph the Romance Piazza San Marco and enjoyed the easy listening music coming from the quartet at Florians! After 14 hours of constant walking through the streets Venice, we were happy to find our way back to the bus station for the last bus of the day to our hotel. But alas we are in Italy … so half way to the hotel our comfy bus breaks down!! The outcome was that we had to haul the photo equipment the rest of the way back to the hotel on foot!!



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