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Rialto Bridge, Crowds of Venice and Venetian Masks

Rialto Bridge, Crowds of Venice and Venetian Masks

Rialto Bridge Gondola We find the Rialto Bridge which spans the Grand Canal and is topped with market stalls in the centre plus packed with jostling crowds. The bridge offers a great viewpoint on the external balustraded footpath for watching the busy boat traffic on the Grand Canal where gondolas, power boats and vaporettis seem to come close to collision but, we assume, have an unspoken rule of navigation. (Note from the photographer: “almost too busy to photograph – both the crowds and boats!!”)
Cafes are busy all day from the prime waterfront locations to the narrow lanes where tables and chairs are laid out along one wall and pedestrians squeeze past.

Crowds of Venice and venetian masks, Italy

Crowds of Venice and Venetian Masks, Italy

Today is Venice day and we decide to take the bus from near our hotel in Mestre to the bustling waterways of Venice.
Arriving in Venice we both agree that a boat journey along the Grand Canal by vaporetti (ferry) would be the best option to get to Piazza San Marco – the heart of Venice.

We disembark from the ferry and pass a multitude of market stalls selling authentic Venetian masks, arts, T-Shirts … you name it! We arrive at the Piazza San Marco with its 98.5 metre St Mark’s Campanile watching over the neighboring Palazzo Ducale and Basilica di San Marco. We decide to leave the crowds of the square and start the real foot work … over bridges and through narrow lanes, past clothing boutiques, and gelato stands, as we wind our way through ancient buildings and palaces (we got lost about 50 times…).

Venetian mask italy Characters in Venetian masks and costumes are standing ready to pose for photographs – for a small gratuity.

Buskers of all kinds vie for the attention of tourists.



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