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Explore Rajasthan Best Heritage Tour Destination In India

Explore Rajputana Best Heritage, Rajasthan Tourist Destinations In India

Known as ‘Rajputana’, Rajasthan is one of the major states of India that is recognized for its vibrant culture and heritage. Rajasthan is one of the few states in India that has sustained influence of Rajput dominance in the region since 700 AD and still carries its unforgettable impression on culture and traditions. It is mostly a desert state and covers most of the Great Indian Desert or Thar Desert. The state’s glory lies on the affluence of its spectacular monuments that are proof of the royal patronage. Today it is one of the major Rajasthan tourist destinations in India and has huge tourism prospective with its awe-inspiring forts and palaces, colorful arts & crafts and heritage accommodations.

Popularly known as the India’s heritage destination, this colorful state can be enjoyed when you get on one of the heritage tours of Rajasthan. Touring to any of the major locales here is just convenient & hassle free, and can make your trip a more pleasing and lifetime experience. Camel & horse safaris, exotic fairs & festivals, and folk music & dance of Rajasthan are admired all across the world. In fact many of the Rajasthan Tours revolve around one or more of these themes. Vibrant fairs & festivals including cultural dances are conducted from time to time in the state to more visitors from all across the world.

The highlight of all tour to Rajasthan tourist destinations is the folk music and artistic heritage. Be it’s the Manganiar singers or the Kalbeliya dancers; here you can definitely enjoy every aspect that the place has to offer. Watching Rajasthani dancers performing their traditional songs and dances can help you enrich your knowledge about their culture. Besides this, you can even enjoy its old-world charm and tales of golden age through the different performances of local artists – through music and puppet shows.

The state has regularly been known for its different historical places like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner and many more. These destinations belong to the various popular genres as desert hunts and popularly known as weekend gateways for the nearby cities. Still today many of these places feature mighty forts and luxuriously decorated palaces that sing its ancient times glory and share its beautiful moments with its visitors. Many of these palaces are example of superb Indian architecture and skill.

Palace on Wheels which has given different identity to Rajasthan tourism

Apart from all this, its well-maintained roads and network of railways connecting different cities, makes touring in Rajasthan much more fun, easy and simple. ‘Palace on Wheels’ which has given different identity to Rajasthan tourism is one of the most luxurious tour options to explore different royal cities and be in amongst the top 10 luxury trains of the world.

Today Rajasthan tourist destinations are the common tour packages offered by various travel agencies and operators. The popularity of tour to Rajasthan has always been high and will continue to remain so in coming years. Choosing a Rajasthan tour actually offers you ideal chance to savor the flavor of Rajasthani culture and heritage. In this tour, you will feel at ease as you experience the warmth and generosity of the people of Rajasthan. Certainly, tourism in Rajasthan never fails to enchant its visitors and has something for every tourist.


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