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Travel Jobs: Earn While You Travel With Online Tour Guide Training

Travel Jobs Earn While You Travel With Online Tour Guide Training

When it comes to traveling to exotic places, touring interesting sites and enjoying frequent dream vacations, many people spend their lives only wishing they could go. But there’s one well-paying job that will take you to exciting places every week of your life – and pay you to go there. Travel jobs offer this luxury if you absolutely love to travel and have no good reason to stay behind!

Sail away to beautiful lands; take a plane to exotic places; or ride a train or bus to interesting places not so far away from home. There are so many travel job opportunities that once you complete your tour guide training, you can choose the career that best suits your needs and personality.

Types of Travel Jobs

So what travel careers are available? You’ll probably be surprised to learn that there are many different types of travel jobs. Not all are alike. Some enable you to travel around the world or remain in one location, while others place you behind a desk with a phone in hand for most of the day. But the good news is no matter what type of travel job you choose, you’ll have an edge on others when it comes to getting great vacation packages and knowing when and where to go.

One type of travel career is a tour director. Tour directors are those who are actually out in the field working with travelers. They travel with groups to places around the world and take the groups on tours from start to finish. They leave with the group and return with the group. If you want to become a tour director, you should be willing to travel frequently, become familiar with the areas, laws and customs of various destinations, and work with people on a constant basis.

Another type of travel job is that of a travel agent. This is basically a desk job helping those who wish to travel to plan their trip and make preparations for whatever destination they wish to visit. A travel agent may organize flights, make hotel arrangements, secure car rentals, etc. for clients.

A tour guide is someone that accompanies visitors on local tours of sights and establishments. Tour guides usually live in the area where they work and know all there is to know about the site, city, region, or country where they guide. They study the history, monuments, artwork, environment, culture, and attractions so they can inform visitors of these while giving a tour.

Tour Guide Training Tips

No matter which travel job sounds most appealing to you, you’ll want to obtain tour guide training before applying for travel jobs. Most high-paying travel jobs require some sort of experience or training. The jobs are not particularly easy, although they can be lots of fun and rewarding once you have learned tour procedures. Tour guide training is available online if you already have a busy schedule. You can take classes from your own home computer in the travel career field that interests you. If that’s not practical, you can find experts in the field who have written comprehensive training e-books that enable you to learn everything you need to know to launch a travel-related career.

Tour guide training – whether through an e-book or an online class – usually covers subjects such as what to expect, how to find employment, how to get your foot in the door, how to receive incentives, which employers pay the most, tips for applying for jobs, and handling tour challenges. Tour guide training will arm you with a bundle of knowledge to help overcome obstacles when trying to enter this career field.

If you’ve always dreamed of being a tour guide, tour director or travel agent, go online today to start your tour guide training with a minimal investment. You’ll be able to land that perfect travel job in no time!


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