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More Reasons to Visit Rome on a City Break

More Reasons to Visit Rome on a City Break

Famous for being one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, Rome is a suitable city break destination for those who want to enjoy the best getaway experience possible. As a popular destination, it is also very easy to find great deals and city break packages. There are plenty of reasons why a city break to Visit Rome may just be what you need.
Rome is filled with great spots and tourist attractions to visit. The Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel and plenty of other gorgeous spots are just waiting to be explored. It is also the home of many great museums, featuring art and historic collections you will certainly admire.

Rome is also known for its romantic ambience. Whether you are planning a romantic getaway or just a simple weekend together, Rome is a destination worth visiting nonetheless. Great restaurants overlooking the city are easy to find, perfect for a romantic dinner after a long day exploring the city.

Rome’s nightlife is just as exciting with clubs and bars opening until morning. The party starts late in Rome, but you will be able to enjoy the best nightlife imaginable all the way until sunrise; head to the Monte Testaccio to find the best clubs in Rome.

Coffee latte Bar

At the Coffee Bar

After 1 p.m., the only coffees you should be ordering are espressos or macchiatos. Lattes and cappuccinos are strictly morning-only. Also, if you want a latte, be sure to order a “caffe latte.” If you don’t say “caffe” first, you will be served a glass of warm milk. To really impress the locals, refer to cappuccino as “cappuccio,” like the Romans do. And know that if you want to sit at a table to have your coffee, you’ll have to pay more than if you stand at the bar. Just head out as soon as your coffee is finished to make room for the next person.

Learning the Language

English is not spoken as widely in Rome as it is in other European capitals, so locals appreciate it when visitors make an effort to converse in Italian. In hotels and many restaurants, someone will be on hand to speak in English if you get stuck, but a quick “ciao” or a courteous “grazie” (thanks) will always go down well. Though a simple “scusi, non parlo Italiano” (sorry, I don’t speak Italian) will work across the board.

Rome is a big city with a large transportation system and friendly locals. I would recommend knowing a few key phrases in Italian but you will find many English speakers around.


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