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India Tour – Where To Go

Taj Mahal India

India is known as the land of rich cultural heritage. It is a perfect blend of ancient civilization, great and historical buildings and monuments, more than 20 different language speaking people and god made natural beauty.
From the snow-capped Mighty Himalayas to the lush green forests, India has everything which makes a place visitors first choice for tourism. Sacred rivers like Ganga and Yamuna are also one of the reasons why the religious tourism is gaining boost in India. India is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations. Here in India you can find all options for your travel and tourism needs. There are so many thing that you can find interesting in terms of tourism. India will definitely grab your heart and give you the real pleasure of holiday. You can begin your India Tour by carefully selecting your preferred destinations.

munnar kerala india tea plantation

Famous Tourist Destinations:
India has plenty of famous and frequently visited destinations. No one can summarize this in some words. Here are just some of them where tourists come from all around the world to explore its unparalleled beauty, unmatched heritage, immortal culture and unbelievable architecture.

Delhi: The capital of India, which is always the first choice for the tourists from around the globe. The history of this city goes past many years. It has been ruled out by many emperors, so it presents a unique picture of real heritage.

Agra: The city of wonderful Taj Mahal is always the first choice for the visitors. Taj Mahal is called the wonderful and unmatched masterpiece of Mughal architecture. It is basically a mausoleum built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of her third wife Mumtaz Mahal. This beautiful symbol of Love is built completely on white Marbles. It is also a world heritage site under UNESCO and cited as Jewel of Muslim architecture.

Taj Mahal India

Jaipur: The capital of Rajasthan, a state in India, is also called as Pink City. This city has a great importance in terms of tourism. Majority of the houses in Jaipur built completely with Pink Stones, which gives the city a pink look. There are some world famous Forts and Havelies which attract tourists again and again. Lake Palace is one of them, which is being visited by millions of foreign tourists every year. Situated in the middle of Man Sarovar Lake, the Lake Palace or also called Jal Mahal was built be Sawai Pratap Singh in 1799 AD.

Darjeeling: Also called the queen of the hills, Darjeeling is situated in the north-east of India. It is a famous hill station of India situated in the Shiwalik Hills, a lower range of Himalaya. Tea plantation is one of the famous things, which make this place a world famous tourist attraction.

Mumbai: The economic capital of India is situated in the western costal region of India. Here you can find the Arabian Sea which is also a point of attraction for the visitors. Apart from its beaches, there are some other famous sites like Hanging Garden, Crawford Market, Gateway of India, Prince Charles Museum, Essel World and Film City etc.


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