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Earth Pyramids and Vineyards of South Tyrol, Italy

Earth Pyramids and Vineyards of South Tyrol visit Italy

Leaving our well appointed accommodations in Voels, we wind our way through to the next valley towards Klobenstein to find the interesting Earth Pyramids. These fascinating formations are said to be left over from the last ice age and were in stark contrast to the surrounding village of Mittenberg with its rolling green pastures and quaint churches. Then we made tracks to the area of South Tyrol which is famous for its super yummy liquid …. wine!! Just before reaching the wine strip – we couldn’t resist a visit to the historic cobbled town of St Pauls.

Because we were driving through to the Lago di Garda and onto Venice we were not able to stop for sampling, so next time we visit we will stay close and visit the vineyards by bike!

After stunning views of the Lago di Garda, a large and very popular lake for wind surfing and swimming, we head back out to the Autobahn and make a beeline for Venice where we found accommodation at the Hotel Piave in Mestre.

Earth Pyramids and Vineyards of South Tyrol, Italy

South Tyrol with arrival in Voels, Italy

After a quick exploration of Brunico and checking out the town’s wonderfully helpful 24/7 (fully automated) information centre, we set off in search of castles, mountains, and whatever else we could find.
We climbed up the hill along the well trod track to the Schloss Brücke Ponte Castella, a castle which overlooks the town of Brunico and towers above the quaint Rain Church of St Katharina.

Then soon we were on our way towards the Dolomite Range and the Tre Cime di Lavaredo. The Dolomites are a jagged ridge of mountains which in some places strut up to over 2000 metres high and are home to a variety of flora and fauna plus some stunning scenery!

We end the day with sunset near the village of Voels where we stayed at the Steffi Apartments which offered self catering rooms at extremely reasonable rates and a super host – Steffi herself!


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