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Italian Culture in the Cinque Terre Ligure

Italian Culture Cinque Terre Ligure Italy

We head out of Levanto, and decide to back track a little to explore the five towers (or at least a few of them) that Parco Nazionale delle Culture Cinque Terre is all about. Unfortunately the day dawned a little cloudy but we head off regardless.

The first location we came to was Monterosso al Mare and we quickly locate the tower: Torre Aurora. Monterosso al Mare is a pretty village situated in the Culture Cinque Terre fringed by the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

As we walk through the village we often have to make way for the cute little vehicles which are the most popular mode of transport in this region and every family seems to have one. In fact it’s the only way to get round in the narrow lanes of the coastal villages.

These three wheeled vehicles are very noisy (2 stroke) and you can hear them coming a mile off, and there is only room in the cab for two people, or one man and his dog!


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