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Cinque Terre, Ligure, an Levanto Tours Italy

Cinque Terre, Ligure, an Levanto Tours Italy

It’s time now to leave this pretty valley and head for the region of Ligure and the Mediterranean sea. We arrive in the city of La Spezia and are blown away by the countless numbers of people on scooters zig zagging in and out of traffic – its Sunday!! and finish in Levanto tours.

We quickly head for the refuge of the small villages along the Riviera (where traffic is at least a little more sane), and the renowned coastline of the Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre, a beautiful national park which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

The Cinque Terre is about 5 (Cinque) Towers (Terre) along the coastline which are not connected directly by road. The towers are set in beautiful villages which are surrounded by the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea and very popular with tourists!

Soon the sunlight becomes soft, so we find a position to photograph near the village of Bonassola, and watch as the sunsets over the Riviera di Levante and the Mediterranean Sea.

Waterfront village of Levanto

Waterfront village of Levanto

It’s time to find a place to stay, so we head for the waterfront village of Levanto and find a room to stay with a restaurant below. A walk along the waterfront in Levanto after our meal ends another great day of discovery in Italy.


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