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Camping Safety – Keep In Touch When Camping Out

Camping Safety – Keep In Touch When Camping OutCamping Safety – Keep In Touch When Camping Out

Camping safety is very important to all campers regardless of how experienced a camper you are when it comes to camping out. How do you do that when you are away from all amenities and civilization?

It might seem impossible but it is actually possible as there are many gadgets, as well as gears available out there that can cater to every camper’s need. Below are important tips and advice to follow when you go out camping, so that you can be safe at all times. Whatever it is, safety always comes first.

Set Boundaries and Follow Them

Camping with kids can sometimes get out of hand. It’s hard to control them when this is the time that they are experiencing something that they’ve never experienced before. They tend to go wild. To make it safe and controllable, you have to set boundaries in and around the campsites. Give them advice on the things that they should and should not do, especially when there are no adults around. A safe thing to do is to assign them each with a partner to check in on each other on their location and give update or report to the rest of the group of any location changes.

Familiarise Yourself With the Surroundings

The first thing you can do when you arrive at the campsite is to let your fellow campers or kid campers familiarize themselves with the surroundings. Take notes of any noticeable landmarks that are around the site, for example a weird large tree. However, make sure that these landmarks are easily locatable in relation within your campsite.

Knock (Whistle) Three Times On The Ceiling If You Love Me

Each camper should be given a whistle each, especially to kid campers. Whistles give out a high pitch sound that can be heard from far. It’s easier to blow a whistle than scream out ‘help’ when you’re lost in the woods. Establish a code to signify a specific situation so that everyone could easily follow and heed, for example, a whistle blown twice could mean ‘help’ and three times could mean ‘I am here’ or vice versa. Warn the kid campers that they should use the whistle for an emergency purpose. Do not go blowing the whistle for fun. Kids tend to do that.

Colour Your World

Prior to your camping trips, buy trash bags that are brightly coloured. These trash bags are useful in the case that if you are lost in the woods. These trash bags could be used as a device to signal others of your location. These trash bags can also be used when it is cold outside and in need of temporary shelter. All you have to do is cut a slit at the top of the trash bag and wear it like a poncho. It is hard to believe that this could provide you temporary protection that could keep you alive through the harsh night.

Try To Choose A Camp That Provides Hi-Tech Communication

Though some campsites are totally out of contact with civilization, there are campsites that provide the same amenities one would find in civilization such as email facilities, phones and faxes. There are also campsites that provide internet connections. How convenient.

It is perfect for those who would like to stay in contact with their business or personal affairs while they are out camping. This way, you can enjoy the best of both worlds in a sense that being in the harsh outdoors but at the same time enjoying the comfort and convenience of modern technology.

Below are modern technology communication gadgets that can get you connected while you’re camping.

– Hand-held Radios

This equipment can be brought anywhere you go and very handy so that campers can get connected with one another at all times. This equipment is not used only for camping but also in big events, such as sports.

– Laser Range Finders

It is a device that uses laser energy to determine the distance from the device to a place or object. In other words, it helps you know how far away things are from where you are standing. Nowadays, they are light and user friendly.

– Global Positioning System (GPS)

Previously, they were used by the army and units involved in search and rescue operations, however, now they are also used by ordinary people to determine their position with or without reference to separate maps. For campers, GPS provides a precise position so that it can enhance the chance of lost or disabled campers from being rescued.

– Night Vision Goggles

You might have seen one of these goggles used in Hollywood movies. These goggles allow you to be able to see in the dark. Though sophisticated, they are easy to operate. Very compact, light weight and handy.

Camping should be fun, but it is always preferable that you prepare beforehand. Your safety in the woods should not be compromised. It is always easy to forget what type of danger that might lurk when you are having so much fun. Whatever it is, take every necessary precaution before you go out camping. You just never know what could happen out there.


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